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Red Bathroom Accessories

Red Bathroom Accessories - Here's a Quick Way Redecorate

Red bath accessories - tub 

Time to freshen up the look of that tired old bathroom but you don’t have a huge budget and you just aren’t one of those people who love DIY projects.

Red bathroom accessories are a simple inexpensive way to introduce color and add new textures to brighten up your bathroom, and create a wonderful relaxing oasis where you can come to relax each day.

Take a look below for five simple ideas on how to use red bathroom accessories and add a visual pop to your bathroom.




Red Shower Curtain – Create a Bright New Look Point with this Red Bathroom Accessory

The simplest quickest decorating idea is to add a new shower curtain in your bathroom. Other than your bathroom walls, the shower curtain is the largest item in your bathroom where you can easily display color, patterns and texture. It is a natural decorating architectural element to use as a focal point in your bathroom.

Red Bath Towels – Don't Miss This Key Red Bathroom Accessory for Color and Comfort

If you are creating a new decorating plan for your bathroom, it’s time to take a look at the bath towels in your closet and hanging in the bathroom to take a quick inventory.  Bathrooms tend to be sterile and cold looking with all of the fixtures that are typically white and always cold looking. Your bath towels are a great way to add texture to give your bathroom a warm soft look and a simple way to introduce color.

Red bathroom accessories - girlsRed Bath Rugs – Red Bathroom Accessory for a Cold Morning

Let’s face it; no one likes to step out of the show or tube and onto a cold wet slippery floor. Bath mats are a necessity and also another opportunity to introduce a bathroom accessory to add bright colors and create a secondary focal point for the bathroom.

Bath rugs come in a variety of styles today from  his and hers bath mats, embroidered bath rugs, textured organic bath rugs to classic contour bath rugs and bistro striped cotton mats that are perfect for any decorating style from traditional to modern.

Red Bath Mats – The Don’t Slip and Fall - Safety First Red Bathroom Accessory

Just like you need rugs in your bathroom, bath mats can help to increase the safety factor in your bathroom and can also be a source of new color.   Bath mats today aren’t your old style bath mats, you can find a wonderful variety of designs and materials that include the traditional cotton bath mat or a more modern bamboo or cork bath mat that not only look nice but can also help to reduce bacteria in the bathroom – always a potential problem in a place that constantly stays damp.   

Red Bathroom Accessories – Countertop and Soaps - Create Your Own Spa Accessories

Along with the basics – shower curtains, bath mats and rugs and bath towels, countertop accessories are also a great way to add a touch of color, help to organize your bathroom, and add the finishing touch to your spa at home.

The selection of bath accessories like silver plated monogrammed accessories, classic glass canisters, and towel stands and soap dishes just to name a few will help you to match any type of design or decorating theme you are trying to create.

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Red Bathroom Accessory Sets

Red Bathroom Accessory Sets

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