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Decorating with Color in Your Bathroom 

Adding color, pattern, and texture is one of the most exciting parts of home bathroom decoration and design. But because the results are so obviously there for anyone to see who enters our home, perhaps we worry unduly about making the right choice. The following will give you the confidence to go
ahead and create just the kind of furnishing scheme that suits you and your family.

How Color Works for You

It is worth while taking both time and trouble to understand how color can work for you in your
home, for choosing color schemes can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of home decorating.
Through color you can express your personality, and make a home uniquely yours. Although the
products you may be using will almost certainly be mass-produced, such as paints, floor covering,
wallpapers, and so on, the way you put them together will create rooms with an individual
character and a total home which is different from any other. In an age of standardization and massĀ­
production, this is surely much to be valued. Online you can find very unique red bath accessories to suit your specific tastes and express your own unique personality.

It is a pity that so many people worry so much about choosing colors, for worry takes the pleasure out of furnishing and decorating. The result is that they tend to lack confidence. Furnishings and decorations are expensive; hence few people can afford to make mistakes. Choosing the wrong color for the walls is far more disastrous than choosing the wrong color for a new tie or blouse!

The secret is to obtain as much experience as you can before actually buying anything. You could
call it 'getting your eye in.' Start looking at other people's homes and bathrooms, see if you like what they have chosen. Study the bathrooms you see pictured in color magazines and advertising brochures; look critically at the room sets on your color television; look, too, at the window and room displays in the big stores and in the manufacturers' showrooms. All these places give an invaluable opportunity to see how colors and patterns work together. They can provide you with the necessary experience and so help to build up your confidence before you actually spend any money. Moreover, they cut down on the risk of your making expensive mistakes.

Remember that it is what you like and what you dislike which is important - not what your neighbors have or what is the latest fashion. This is your bathroom and there are no right and wrong ways to
choose colors and patterns. The ideas outlined here are here for your guidance, to help you
towards a more confident and certain attitude. In no way should they be interpreted as a set of
'musts' to be followed at all costs. You may feel like going ahead and doing just the opposite from what is suggested - that's fine, if that's what you want.

Using a Color Wheel