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Red Bathroom Accessories - On a Budget

Red Bathroom Accessories – $100 Budget

Tired of the same old look in your bathroom but don’t really have the budget for a total overhaul. For less than $100 you can create a great new look in your bathroom featuring red and white décor. Just follow our plan below and by using a few key red bathroom accessories you can have a brand new look that pops out and grabs you attention without spending over $100 and without starting a major DIY project.

Red Bathroom Shower Curtain Red bathroom accessories - Polka Dot Shower Curtain  

Our budget based bathroom make over begins with a new shower curtain. The shower curtain creates the theme for the bathroom, establishes a focal point, and is a great way to quickly add color and texture that will create a warm ambience in your bathroom.

Our choice for this $100 project is a cool looking shower curtain available from Target for about $25.00. It features a solid red background with white polka dots and a center band that reverses. This is a pretty strong pattern so we are going to have to be a bit more subtle with the rest of our accessories.

Red bathroom accessories - red bath hooks 

Red Bath Hooks

For about $10.00 you can get his really cute set of polka dot shower curtain hooks that coordinate well with the curtain an add a little more fun into the decorative theme.

Red and White Polka Dot Bath TowelsRed bathroom accessories- red polka dot towels

Made from 100% cotton, and available from Amazon, we like to repeat the white polka dot pattern on a red border but use white as our primary color for the bath towels.

For about $30 you get a really nice set of bath towels that includes a face towel and hand towel as well. Buying towels for your bathroom is not the time to skimp on the budget so we don’t mind spending a little more to buy  a set of nice soft bath towels that are going to last us a for a while.

Red bathroom accessories - red & white polka dot lotion bottle  

White and Red Polka Dot Lotion Bottle

Now that we have the major work done, and have a little money left in our budget, we like to cherry pick a few of favorite red bath accessories that help to complete our design theme.

Of course, there are all types of other bathroom accessories available but we chose this cure little polka dot ceramic lotion bottle, also available from Amazon for about $12.00.

Red and White Polka Dot Soap Dish 

Red bathroom accessories - red & white polka dot soap dish 

The final red bathroom accessory in our $100 make over project is a red and white polka dot ceramic soap dish also available from Amazon from the same manufacturer who created the Lotion Bottle.

We like to include a couple of cute bathroom accessories in any design that help to liven up the bathroom.

So now you are a bathroom with a brand new red and white bathroom theme create by choosing a few bathroom accessories that coordinate with each other and don’t bust our budget.